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Corruption Perceptions Index 2013                                                                             Transparency International
Corruption: A worldwide malady

Corruption has become something like a serious contagious disease that plague the efficiency and effectiveness of most of the job sectors in the present world. As responsible engineers of tomorrow and being indebted to your society for making you what you are, you must nourish the wise person in you with moral values to be able to keep away from corrupt practices which come and prevail around you in your today or tomorrows.
In some cases, when an engineer compromises on the quality of his work, the technological comforts which may be a result of the work for which he was a part, can create the ill-fate of many number of people around you. There are enough examples for such cases. As an example, a test engineer in an airline industry holds a responsible position, wherein an irresponsible attitude for a minute can prove fatal to himself and to a many number of people which may even include his own loved ones + great financial loses.
We must also learn to thank the many number of unknown scientists and other such people whose hard-work is there behind the great comforts which we enjoy at low costs today.

Corruption Perceptions Index Map - 2013

Remember: You too can become a cause for a big change in the world around you

Be a marvel in the character you showcase. Let others start from you.

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"Tell me about yourself"
This has been the infamous opening statement during all job interviews. However does it have any definite answer?

It is said that the first five minutes of an interview are very crucial because interviewers tend to draw a first impression of the candidate. But many a times, candidates stumble over the very first question, "Can you tell me a little about yourself?" and lose their confidence. Read More..

Spectral Lines                                                                                                               www.spectrum.ieee.org
The 21st-Century Engineer
Dream Jobbers provide a glimpse into why it's an exciting time to work in engineering

Dream Jobbers have fun at work: They've found ways to live for their work and not just work for a living, often by combining their passions and interests with a paycheck.
Most engineering students are bombarded with abstractions for a long time before they get a sense of what they'll be doing with their newly developed analytical skills. They sweat through lectures on device physics, circuit analysis, and feedback without ever being told that these are the fundamental concepts behind hi-fi stereo amplifiers. Read More..
Engineering is all about knowledge needed to support passion
Be a passionate Engineer

Bindhu Sridhar                                                                                                                 faqs@cnkonline.com
Fear is not the key

Living as we do in a world that is constantly changing and where everything is uncertain, fear can be a dangerous emotion. Fear unsettles our mind, impacting our world-view and sense of identity. Fear, when it manifests itself in the workplace, deprives us of our power to face challenges and change. It affects both individual and organisational productivity.
Are there extraordinarily high levels of competition in the workplace? Are rightful communication channels clogged while rumour mills overtime? Does sycophancy rule? Is there hesitancy and scepticism about voicing honest opinions? These are all just some of the ways in which fear manifests itself in the workplace.
Here is the solution to your problem. Read More..

Only you are the one responsible for taking the initiative

Others cannot/will not help you. So do it from now onwards

Shyama Rajagopal                                                                                                                           The Hindu
Do not lose sight of eye comfort
  • ACs, computers can make eyes dry
  • Wrong illumination can affect eyes
Offices are getting swanky, air-conditioned. And the employees feel comfortable in this artificial environment. But the eyes they do not view it in a good light. That is why many people complain of dry eyes after long hours in cool comfort.
Ophthalmologists say one of the factors causing the computer eye syndrome is the unnatural environment, created by air-conditioning. Add dusty environment and working on computers in wrongly illuminated rooms, and the chances of getting the syndrome increases.
Place the computer screen at a wrong angle, and you have stressed eyes. Blinking is something everyone does unknowingly. But blink too much or too less a problem arises. Read More..

Regularly screen for diabetics to check retinopathy

Increase diet supplements in food